About us

    Nieltec is an OEM manufacture who has engaged in providing finest customs components since 2009, we are located in one of the most beautiful city of China, Xiamen City, after many years' development and service, we have built very good reputation to our client not only for our high quality products, on time delivery, good price, but also our good service, problem solving ability. Our service range from machined prototype, small qty machined plastic or metal components, injection molding parts, casting parts, electronic application gasket to complete products.

    Machined Prototype.

    Prototype is very important for new project development, With the process of CNC machining, hand polishing, paint, printing, we provide very high quality machined prototype in good price, we also make silicone mold to duplicate components in very good price and high quality.

    Machined both Plastic parts and metal parts
    Machined plastic parts is not only for just single prototype, but when the first initial launch the project,to build tooling is too expensive, then machining will be a very good solution,
    we offer very good price and good quality machined parts, material range from Delin, ABS, Nylon, FR4, Nylon+ GF, PEEK, PC,  Acetal ,Acrylic, Aluminum 6061,6063, 5083, Stainless steel, brass, etc..
    There are many finish options we can offer, such as polishing, painting, UV, printing, Anodize, Chromate, plating etc..
    We can machine parts as large as 1050mm by 550mm by 460mm, or can fabricate and assemble parts to provide a larger prototype.

    Tooling design & Making and Components molding
    Good components starts from good tooling, Good tooling started from good design, Our engineers conduct the DFM analysis on the drawing before released to tooling phase, which consist of ejection pin location, part line, wall thickness, sink issues, flowing line etc..
    And that testing starts with mold flow simulation software which allows us to accurately predict the flow of molten plastic into the tool and identify potential issues that can lead to manufacturing defects. This information not only reduces the need for costly mold modifications, it helps us further optimize both part and tool designs prior to mold build.
    Currently we have 30 excellent
    mold makers employed in our company, most of the them have good education in plastic injection molding industry, they take pride in their works, we are able to provide 15-20 sets of injection molds per month.

    We provide service from precious custom molding, dual shot injection molding, IMD injection molding to , die casting.

    Die cutting
    Nieltec has very wide range of raw material for electronic solutions, range from Brand silicone foam, PU foam to Thermal silicone such as Rogers Poron, Berquist Thermal interface raw material, we can also make many kinds of shapes as we not only make it by Die cutting, but also we can make it by waterJet.

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